WLC Week 3-Q&A

Congratulations to everyone! You are changing.


Once of the things I’ve learned during my 14 year weight loss journey is that it’s all about progress not perfection! It may seem like a small change at first, like when I asked my husband to walk with me three times a week. For me that small change led to a 100 pound weight loss and a commitment to my health and fitness! Never underestimate what one change can do for you long term.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! Shout out to Sue Rocha. You will be recieving a bottle of Firewalker.

Firewalker cools and soothes hot tired aching feet. It doesn’t matter if its a day at work or a day out playing your feet take a beating. Firewalker uses leaves from the TI plant to give your “dogs” a rest.

Next Week’s Prize Challenge is to Post Nutrition Score for 6 days and give your teammates some insight on what went well or how you struggled. TIME 5:36

Keep up the Spring Cleaning well-being challenge (TIME 9:01)  until 5.4 because on 5.5 we are going to JAM!

Click here for the WLC Week 4 Q&A, May 8, 2018, at 7:00 pm on FB Live

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If you have any questions, please reach out to me via the WLC News Feed, FB, Email or Phone.

It’s been ten days since the challenge started. What changes have you seen? Post in the comments below.