The 6 Most Unhealthy Foods Lurking In Your Kitchen

The 6 Most Unhealthy Foods Lurking in Your KitchenYou’re committed to a fitness transformation and eating better is part of the plan. You wonder if you have healthy food in your home?

No one thinks that potato chips, french fries or ice cream are staples in a nutritious diet. However at least one of these six most unhealthy foods is likely to be hiding in your home.

Food marketing is a complex, powerful medium. Marketers are responsible for selling a product successfully not a code of ethics. Conversely, you can’t always rely on the science either. The funding of scientific projects by the food industry has been commonplace for decades.

What is a consumer to do? It’s time to get educated!

Here are 6 foods marketed as healthy but in actuality are the most unhealthy foods in your home

1.  Popcorn

As a kid, my mom served popcorn as an occasional treat. Mom kept one pan specifically cause she said it popped the best. A little oil and then she topped it with butter and salt.

Once after begging insistently for weeks, she brought home Jiffy Pop. The top didn’t expand quite like it did in the commercials but it was still cool to watch. We dove in despite several burned and unpopped kernels. What a disappointment!

Microwave popcorn was the next convenient popcorn creation. In the early days it was burned or unpopped kernels. Still not up to the flavor of “homemade.”

Popcorn can be a healthy treat but as you can see not all popcorn is created equally or should we say popped equally. Here is a simple way to know if it stays or goes, is prepackaged and ready for the microwave? If you answered yes, trash it.

Prepackaged popcorn is bathed in butter or coated in sugar and loaded with calories. If you want popcorn, air popped with a little butter won’t break the calorie bank.

Hit the local farmers market on the weekend? Dried popcorn, which looks a little like Indian corn is amazing! Place the Cobb in a paper bag and use the microwave popcorn cycle. An amazingly tasty treat!

2.  Diet Soda

You might consider this a zero calorie alternative to regular soda something that might not be so good for you but one of the most unhealthy foods?

One of the most dangerous and costly creations ever invented could be diet soda. The ingredients inhibit our bodies ability to recognize and manage sugar. Primarily it activates your appetite with the sweet taste but leaves your body hungry and craving more. Studies have show people who frequently consume diet soda are more likely to gain weight or be obese than those who don’t.

Additionally one of the key ingredients aspartame, think NutraSweet or Equal, has potentially been linked to all sorts of damaging diseases.  Some scientists insist it’s safe but with all of the uncertainty surrounding it why not just make a commitment to avoid it?

3.  Energy Bars

There was a time when there were only a few energy bar options usually available at health food stores. They were expensive, and the taste left something to be desired.

The speed of life has many of us relying on alternatives to real food for our meals. The drive for something quick and “healthy” has triggered explosive growth in the energy bar market.  Our small grocery store has two isles worth of bars. Unfortunately, many of these are worse than eating a Snickers bar!

A standard rule of healthy eating is to read ALL food labels. If the names of the first five ingredients leave you tongue-tied or you see sugar in any form back away from the package. It may surprise you to find sugar and high fructose corn syrup mixed in with otherwise healthy ingredients.

4.  Breakfast Cereal

It’s easy and makes getting out of the house quickly a breeze!! Unfortunately, it’s usually jam packed with sugar and doesn’t provide your body with enough protein or nutrition to get you to lunch time.

The cereal industry has responded to consumer pressure for healthier alternatives, especially for kids. Unfortunately, a glance at the label usually reveals this as a marketing gimmick.

Want something fast for breakfast? Look for sources of protein to keep you full until lunch. Eggs or plain Greek yogurt are great alternatives!

5.  Dried Fruit

It’s fruit how can it be bad? The answer like most everything else in our diets is it depends.

It’s a safe assumption that store bought dried fruit is loaded with extra sugar unless it explicitly states no sugar added. One of the best options is to purchase a food dehydrator and make your own. It’s a healthy and convenient way to create snacks for outdoor activities like pickleball or skiing. Be wary of how much you consume, removing water shrinks portion size. As an example, one large apple dried is a 1/4 to 1/2 cup, so there’s a natural inclination over eat.

# 6 may be the most astonishing of most unhealthy foods!

Solidify your commitment to living your best year ever and eliminate any of these you find in your home. Your body will thank you!

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