physical fitness

Lack of Motivation is NOT the Reason You Can’t Get Fit and Lose Weight After 50 (Here’s the Solution You Need)

Was this the year that you had planned to get it together and to make all of those health and fitness changes, once and ...
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3 Crucial Step to Staying Fit After 50

3 Crucial Steps to Staying Fit After 50

Now that you're past 50, have you found it a little more challenging to stay fit? Many people do, but it doesn't have to ...
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A person holding his leg in need of help for post exercise recovery

One Key for Unparalleled Post Exercise Recovery

The keyword research for this post showed astronomical differences in the number of searches for how to stay fit over 40 versus being fit after ...
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shutting your brain off

For People That Want to Sleep Like a Baby, 5 Reliable Keys to Shutting Your Brain Off!

A lack of sleep can cause a litany of physical and mental issues, from a simple lack of focus to an inability to lose ...
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hit workout

Not Doing a HIT workout? You Are Wasting Your Time!

Fitness should have a warning label. WARNING: Your fitness results may vary depending on the intensity of your workout. If you are going to ...
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