break bad habits

Goal setting strategies help you to take a complex process and make it manageable. This picture of an elephant reminds us that complex activities like "eating and elephant" are best accomplished by breaking it down to manageable pieces.

4 Top Goal Setting Activities

This elephant reminds us that complex activities like setting goals are comparable to "eating an elephant." Accomplish something complex by breaking it into manageable ...
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living your best year ever

Living Your Best Year EVER-It’s Not Too Late to Start

When you get to December 2017 and look back on your year what changed from December 2016? If you are committed to living your ...
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1 healthy eating tip

One Easy Healthy Living Tip

If you wanted to live a healthier life and speed up your fitness transformation what is the first change to implement? It may surprise you, ...
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I Want To Change My Life!

I'm pretty sure that almost everyone has thought or perhaps even screamed: "I want to change my life"! It doesn't matter how good things ...
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Break Bad Habits and Have Dreams Come True

Most of us know that to reach our true potential and achieve a life we dream about there is a necessity, even an urgency ...
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