WLC Week 6-Q&A


Have You Accomplished Your Challenge Goals?

My goal for the challenge was to reinforce the stretching habit I created in the last challenge and eliminate the extra snacking I tend to do. Recovery from the back injury I sustained three days into the challenge hasn’t happened as quickly as I had hoped, but stretching has been a key to recovery. The snacking habit was good at the beginning and slipped at the end. I noticed I snack more when I don’t have the ability to exercise. This is something that I will work on in the next Challenge starting July 7.

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Some of you have asked…..What’s Next?

Tuesday, May 29 at 6:00 PM  PST, my weekly live show was created with you in mind,  How to Make Healthy Habits Part of Your Life, Once and For All. If you are wondering how to take these new found habits and create lasting change, you don’t want to miss this!

At 7:00 PM that evening join us for our Wrap Up Party. It’s time to celebrate your success, and I am looking forward to honoring the work that each of you has done in this challenge!

There are so many ways that the WLC can help me to live a healthier life and I’ve found that participating in successive challenges helps me to deepen my commitments, learn more and make lasting habits. The next Whole Life Challenge is starting July 7, and during the Wrap Up Party, I will announce a special offer just for you!

After the Challenge, you will continue to find resources, motivations and my weekly live show on the Age Well with CJ FB Page


If you have any questions, please reach out to me via the WLC News Feed, FB, Email or Phone.