WLC Week 5-Q&A

10 Days Left in the Challenge

I find myself choosing to give up a few nutrition points for food I want or to skip the exercise and take the point loss. It’s time to rededicate my efforts and finish strong. I want to build habits that will stick with me until the next challenge starts on July 7! My commitment is to have a perfect score in all categories for 8 out of the last 10 days.

Kathy Slocum! One of my favorite summertime products is Sole Solution. A sandal look is not complete without it!


Next Week’s Prize Challenge is to Post Flexibility and Mobility Score for six days and give your teammates some insight on what you did.  The winner gets one of CJ’s favorite stress busters Cortitrol. You’ve probably heard of cortisol, the hormone related to the flight or fight response. As we age, our cortisol production changes and it can interfere with our sleep and make us more susceptible to belly fat around the middle. Cortitrol naturally helps our bodies regulate cortisol production. Cortitrol helps me with the stress created by regular exercise. One of the side benefits of taking Cortitrol is my sleep is more restful.

BTW if you need help with your mobility and stretching check out this LIVE Show.


This week’s well-being challenge is an interesting one for me. I LOVE games, so much so, that I can waste a lot of time playing them and have taken them off my phone. Even “Brain Games” like Luminosity are like candy to me. What games are you playing this week?

The final well-being challenge starts on Saturday, May 19 and it’s “awesome sauce.”


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10 Days Left! What are you going to do to finish strong? Post in the comments below.