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Whole Life Challenge
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CJ Johnson


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If Only Making Healthy Choices were Easy We Would All Be Fit.
The Bad News is once we hit 40 the struggle to be healthy and fit as we age becomes more difficult.
The Good News it’s not insurmountable!
When I struggle with health, fitness or maintaining my weight (yes, I struggle) it’s not usually because I am not sure what to do but because it can be difficult to execute. That’s where the Whole Life Challenge and Group Coaching can help you succeed where you have failed in the past.





What is the Whole Life Challenge?


Well Being


The Challenge is Simple
You’ll spend the next SIX weeks improving your health, your happiness, and your relationship with yourself and others.
Here’s How It WORKS
The Challenge goes for 6 weeks. Each day, you’ll earn points for completing each of the 7 Daily Habits:

Throughout the Challenge, you’ll practice the 7 Daily Habits,

With the ultimate goal of incorporating them into your life.

We’ll focus on what you eat and drink, how you move, your sleep, and even your mental well-being,

Keeping you socially connected, self-aware, and more in control of your day-to-day. The end result of this effort can be profound, leaving you feeling rested, healthy, physically strong, and more open to new experiences.

You’ll keep score, but the power of the Challenge is not in the points.

Rather, it’s in the results that come from the 7 Habits working together to improve your days, your relationships, and your overall well-being — an effect that is best understood through experience.

What is Team Age Well with CJ?

In addition to all the Whole Life Challenge resources designed to help you achieve success, as part of the Age Well with CJ Team you get daily and weekly group coaching and accountability from someone who has walked the journey to health and fitness and knows firsthand the unique challenges, we face after age 40.

Age Well with CJ Team Bonuses

Daily Accountability

Weekly FBLIVE checkin

Weekly Team Prizes

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