USAPA Ambassadors Helps Inner City Youth

By Dick Barton USAPA Member

This article was originally published in the June/July 2018

Ric Prewitt, a USAPA Ambassador in Chicago, has been running a new Pickleball program with the Chicago Park District for less than a year.

New people join his group every week and are welcomed and shown the basics of the game.

When he needed help getting equipment, District Ambassador Steven De Mar put out a call on Facebook.

Answering the call USAPA Member Dick Barton of suburban Park Ridge IL started a drive. He collected 27 paddles, over 60 balls, and a new portable net. Here, Ric Prewitt and some of his players gather to check out the new equipment.

Thanks are owed to Onix, Pickleball Central, the Park Ridge Pickleball Club, Des Plaines Park District and OnCourtOffCourt for donations.










This article was written by Dick Barton (far right photo) and was published in USAPA June/ July issue. Dick is a former racquetball player who found the joys of pickleball about two years ago. He plays 2-3 times a week. He has helped organize local pickleball events and equipment drives for good causes. Dick lives in the Chicago suburbs and if you are in the area he invites you to play!