weight managment

How to get back on track after overeating

5 Tips to Recover After Holiday Overeating

Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want to Miss Christmas is done but you overdo it during the holidays? Here are 5 Strategies to get back ...
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create a team to manage your weight

Podcast-Build a Weight Management/Fitness Team to Achieve Success

Build a Team to help you achieve your goals. Accountability is a key to losing and maintaining a healthy weight and fitness level. Build a ...
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sweet potato hummus and homemade pita chips

Colorful & Tasty Sweet Potato Hummus with Homemade Pita Chips

Hummus is a protein packed treat. It's perfect for a midday snack or to bring to a get-together. When it's homemade, it's healthier and in ...
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A picture of a bowl of red quinoa salad with orange mangos, green avocado and lime

Quick and Easy Red Quinoa Salad

Yesterday morning friends invited us to an impromptu cookout at the beach. The text included "bring an item to grill and a dish to pass." Incline ...
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stop snacking at night

35 Ways To Finally Stop Snacking at Night

How many times have you eaten healthy through the day and then late in the day, suddenly the snack monster takes over, one treat ...
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