how to stick to your weekly workout routine

WLC Week 1-Q&A

Congratulations on your first 4 days in the Whole Life Challenge! Change is a challenge! Let me help you streamline the process with tools ...
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WLC Kickoff Party

  Congratulations! Let's get ready! The Whole Life Challenge starts Saturday, April 14, 2018. (Not yet a member of Team Age Well with CJ? Get all ...
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Failed To Achieve A Goal? Do this Next

We tend to think of failure as something shameful, undesirable. Understandably, failing to achieve a goal no matter how big or small causes negative ...
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create a team to manage your weight

Podcast-Build a Weight Management/Fitness Team to Achieve Success

Build a Team to help you achieve your goals. Accountability is a key to losing and maintaining a healthy weight and fitness level. Build a ...
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A person holding his leg in need of help for post exercise recovery

One Key for Unparalleled Post Exercise Recovery

The keyword research for this post showed astronomical differences in the number of searches for how to stay fit over 40 versus being fit after ...
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