living your best year ever

Living Your Best Year EVER-It’s Not Too Late to Start

When you get to December 2017 and look back on your year what changed from December 2016? If you are committed to living your ...
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1 healthy eating tip

One Easy Healthy Living Tip

If you wanted to live a healthier life and speed up your fitness transformation what is the first change to implement? It may surprise you, ...
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5 Tips for Sticking to Your Weekly Workout Routine

You've made up your mind. This week is going to be different. No matter what, you are going to stick to your exercise schedule! ...
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5 Recovery Tips After Eating Too Much

You were cruising along losing weight, reaching goals, feeling good and then BOOM you ate too much! Maybe it was a trip, or the ...
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Could a Gym Buddy Work For You?

Does the thought of starting an exercise program make you cringe? Has it been hard for you to maintain a workout routine? Does one ...
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