Rustic Portobello Stroganoff

mae dee

My husband has a fondness for Beef Stroganoff that goes back to his mother’s kitchen.

My mother in law Mae Dee was an amazing cook and made an mouth watering strogonaff. The powerful aromas filled the house. She lovingly created comfort foods and the wonderful flavors she melded into her dishes always left me wanting more.

My amazing Mother In Law was a blessing. She raised a wonderful man who has been my husband for more than 20 years!

Fortunately for me she brought up a man who was not a picky eater! As newlyweds you could describe my occasional attempts at cooking as “out of the bag”. Fast forward 20 years and now we eat vegan. Much to his credit there have only been a few times when he said, “honey there really isn’t a reason to make that one again” LOL!

Mae, who passed away a few years ago at the age of 92 after a long and beautiful life, had many talents but top among them was cooking! She had a lot of family favorites and her beef stroganoff was one of them.

When we started eating vegan over 4 years I doubted that I would be able to create the same wonderful flavors without the meat, cream and butter.

Then I stumbled on this recipe from One green planet it excited and scared me. What if it didn’t taste anything like hers? Happy to say this has become one of our family favorites and every time I make it I think of my wonderful sweet mother in law who always made me feel like a daughter!

Rustic Creamy Portobello Stroganoff (vegan)Portobello Strogonoff

I substituted a sweet onion because that’s a cooking staple in my home. The spices  were dried so I used heaping teaspoons and added a little extra salt.

While you can serve it over anything like noodles or quinoa, we like the additional flavor and texture from wild rice.


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