"Pickleball: The Bitchin' Kitchen "was fun to write
while I was in COVID-19 "house arrest."
Pickleball is such a fun sport,
I wanted to create a book that reflects the laughter and joy.


Pickleball - The Bitchin' Kitchen and Dinks For All

A smart and sassy look at the game with the funny name.

Includes tips and quips for beginners through advanced social players who value fun over form.

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Diary of a Dumpster Puppy

How a cat lover who has never owned nor cared for a dog saves the life of an abandoned newborn puppy.

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Sleepless in New Orleans

Takes you on a journey from Nevada to New Orleans to relocate over 100 dogs and cats whose lives were affected by 2017 hurricanes.

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Bluffed my way into a reporter's job at eighteen;
Wernher von Braun's editor at twenty;
retired from corporate life at forty;
adopted first pet at fifty;
published first novel at sixty-five.


A young attorney learns more about life than the law during her first case. Her dying client’s unorthodox bequest takes Morgan inside the highly restricted Federal SuperMax prison while evading a fanatical Priest and two FBI agents who have a vested interest in the outcome. Millions are at stake, but the real prize may be secret information best left buried

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The Girl In the Freezer

A newspaper reporter and a genius young woman who was raised as a scientific experiment match wits against a powerful secret society in a high tech battle that could destroy worldwide communications.

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A dead cop and a massive explosion convince a reporter he has been targeted. But his gifted daughter is the real target. Can he save her before time runs out?

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A young man finds himself in the crosshairs of the Mafia and the Feds after marrying the niece of the Don.

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Dear Dad

A true story of an adolescent’s journey through cancer treatment. Emotional, inspiring and humorous. This book is no more about cancer than about any life event that interrupts the natural progression of growing up

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