Pickleball Companies Give Back to Charities

Pickleball Companies Give Back to the Sport and Charities

By Dick Barton USAPA Member The growth of Pickleball into a worldwide sport has spawned new companies eager to supply the equipment. But, there ...
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Boost Reaction Time and play better pickleball

Boost Reaction Time To Play Better Pickleball

If you played Pickleball one minute, you realize fast hands are an asset. What can an over 40 pickleball enthusiast do if your pace is ...
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pickleball bag

5 Must Haves For Your Pickleball Bag (Plus a Free Checklist)

It would be pretty tough to play pickleball without a paddle, balls and a net but what do you need after that? The answer ...
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Picture of a girl with a pickleball paddle in front of her chest

Play Better Pickleball by Getting to the Ball Faster

If you have stepped on a pickleball court you have probably heard down the middle solves the riddle, hit at the feet you will ...
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