Indoor pickleball and covid

Indoor Pickleball and Covid-How to Stay Safe

Today, Dr. Sarah Webb is back, and she's sharing some insights on playing pickleball indoors this winter. Just a few days after we shot ...
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History of Pickleball-Fifty Years of Fun

Pickleball History with Jennifer Lucore

Do you know there were four times that the sport of pickleball almost died? Recently Jennifer Lucore, a 17-time national champion, member of the ...
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Pickeball without drills?

Can You Play Better Pickleball WITHOUT Drilling?

What if I told you that you could improve your pickleball in as little as three minutes a day without drilling? Would you be ...
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addicted to pickleball?

Do You Have a Pickleball Addiction?

Are you addicted to pickleball? Ernie Medina Jr. is a treasured "pickleball friend." Besides loving pickleball, both Ernie and I are on a crusade ...
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Teaching Pickleball and Advice Giving-A Look Through the Eyes of a Contrarian

One of the things that makes teaching pickleball so much fun is there are always exceptions to the rule. It also makes receiving pickleball ...
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