A pickleball emoticon that looks sacred to practice and play better pickleball

Want to Play Better Pickleball? Caution: You May Not Like the Solution

You laughed when you heard the name "pickleball," but like so many others, the pickleball bug bit you. Suddenly you're playing more often and ...
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Discover the Secret Benefits to Good Footwork

The importance of proper footwork is perhaps one of the least understood skills in pickleball. After all, the court is small, why focus on ...
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the #1 mistake killing your pickleball game

The #1 Mistake Killing Your Pickleball Game

When you started playing, you saw rapid improvement, but as time went on, you plateaued. You feel stuck at the same level and don’t ...
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A picture of a woman confused from getting different advice on how to play pickleball

How to Play Pickleball Without Advice from a Partner

If you were like me, you were handed a pickleball paddle, hit a few shots, got a quick rules overview followed buy LOTS and ...
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