Pickleball Paddle Position

Pickleball Paddle Position-It’s NOT Just the Paddle!

There are several schools of thought regarding the pickleball paddle position, but they’re all focused on a small piece of the pie. If you're ...
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Hit and run to the net

Pickleball Beginner Strategy-When to Run to the Net

If you're new to pickleball, you know that there is no shortage of advice, especially when it comes to the non-volley zone. Someone tells ...
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Watch the pickleball

Want to play consistent pickleball? Watch the Ball!

Consistency is Queen or King on the pickleball court. If you can learn to do what dogs do when they're catching a ball, you'll ...
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pickleball grip

The Best Pickleball Grip

What's the best pickleball grip? Like most things pickleball, the answer is it depends. If you come from another racket or paddle sport, chances are ...
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The game of pickleball with Laura Fenton Kovanda

The Changing Game of Pickleball from a US Open Champ-Part 2

 Everything changes, sometimes quickly and sometimes slowly. The game of pickleball is no exception. Over the past few years, I've seen several changes. ...
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