Indoor pickleball and covid

Indoor Pickleball and Covid-How to Stay Safe

Today, Dr. Sarah Webb is back, and she's sharing some insights on playing pickleball indoors this winter. Just a few days after we shot ...
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How to Play Pickleball Well

How To Play Pickleball Well-It’s Not As “Sexy” As You Think

 As fun as the game of pickleball is, I doubt anyone wants to play badly. Quite the contrary, everyone wants to play pickleball ...
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Are You Safe from Covid on the pickleball courts?

Pickleball and COVID-Staying Safe on the Courts with Dr Sarah Webb

You flooded my inbox with questions about staying safe on the pickleball courts during this COVID crisis. Now, if you ask me about pickleball ...
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camp one step for children with cancer

Pickleball Helps Brighten Summer Camp for Children with Cancer

For children dealing with cancer, the chance to have fun and forget their illness for a few weeks each summer is priceless. As part ...
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The game of pickleball with Laura Fenton Kovanda

The Changing Game of Pickleball from a US Open Champ-Part 2

 Everything changes, sometimes quickly and sometimes slowly. The game of pickleball is no exception. Over the past few years, I've seen several changes. ...
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