The 7 Best Lessons From THE Pickleball Summit 2021

Everyone sees things through a different lens. So it was no surprise that when Tony and I started talking about the best pickleball lessons ...
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Indoor pickleball and covid

Indoor Pickleball and Covid-How to Stay Safe

Today, Dr. Sarah Webb is back, and she's sharing some insights on playing pickleball indoors this winter. Just a few days after we shot ...
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How to Play Pickleball Well

How To Play Pickleball Well-It’s Not As “Sexy” As You Think

 As fun as the game of pickleball is, I doubt anyone wants to play badly. Quite the contrary, everyone wants to play pickleball ...
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History of Pickleball-Fifty Years of Fun

Pickleball History with Jennifer Lucore

Do you know there were four times that the sport of pickleball almost died? Recently Jennifer Lucore, a 17-time national champion, member of the ...
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Are You Safe from Covid on the pickleball courts?

Pickleball and COVID-Staying Safe on the Courts with Dr Sarah Webb

You flooded my inbox with questions about staying safe on the pickleball courts during this COVID crisis. Now, if you ask me about pickleball ...
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