Pickleball Rules-Bev's Pickle Bits

Rules can be boring. However, my buddy Bev is quite the writer and has a knack for making them fun!

Bev and her husband Doug are the reasons I started playing pickleball.

As Pickleball Ambassadors, Bev and Doug, spend countless hours sharing the joys of playing pickleball both on and off the court. She has enthusiastically agreed to allow me to reprint her best rules rants and musings from the two newsletters she pens.

Pickleball rules A standing rule

Pickleball Rules-Is an Erne Legal

Do you know that you are allowed to stand anywhere on or off the court at any time during play? The only exception is ...
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pickleball rules hit by a ball

Pickleblall Rules- Hit by the Pickleball

If a ball in play hits you, it is a fault against you. That’s true even if it only grazes your hair. And it ...
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picture of a pickleball and a line showing when the line is good

Pickleball Rules- The Line is Good

It’s true that a ball that hits the line is good. In other words, the line is considered part of the court. But it’s ...
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pickleball net-the stabilizing bar

Pickleball Rules-The The Horizontal Bar near the Bottom of the Net

Who hasn't hit the bar at the bottom of the net? LOL!! The stabilizing bar along the lower part of our collapsible nets can ...
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a man serving a pickleball

Pickleball Rules-Serving Etiquette

The rules state that you should not serve until the receiver is ready and the score has been called. In a tournament, if you ...
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