Pickleball Rules-Bev's Pickle Bits

Rules can be boring. However, my buddy Bev is quite the writer and has a knack for making them fun!

Bev and her husband Doug are the reasons I started playing pickleball.

As Pickleball Ambassadors, Bev and Doug, spend countless hours sharing the joys of playing pickleball both on and off the court. She has enthusiastically agreed to allow me to reprint her best rules rants and musings from the two newsletters she pens.

paddle rules

Pickleball Rules- Pickleball Paddle Envy? Size Matters

Sometimes equipment makes the player. I wouldn’t personally blame my paddle for my misses, but the right gear can increase your confidence and improve ...
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what hit me

Pickleball Rules: What Hit Me?

Sometimes your best shot is a duck! It is a fault against you if the ball hits you, even if it just brushes the ...
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Pickleball line calls-out or in

Pickleball Line Calls-Out or In?

When you play pickleball, you are actually a player-ref. The rules require that you call out balls when you see them and that any ...
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Line Calls

Playing Tip: Calling Lines

Playing Tip: Calling Lines-Never in Doubt             How would you like to hear your dentist say “I think that was the right tooth.” Or have ...
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avoiding the kitchen, a chef in the kitchen with a no sign superimposed

Pickleball Rules-Avoiding the Kitchen

Everyone knows that you cannot hit the ball before it bounces if you are in the kitchen. What some may not realize is that ...
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