Pickleball Rules-Bev's Pickle Bits

Rules can be boring. However, my buddy Bev is quite the writer and has a knack for making them fun!

Bev and her husband Doug are the reasons I started playing pickleball.

As Pickleball Ambassadors, Bev and Doug, spend countless hours sharing the joys of playing pickleball both on and off the court. She has enthusiastically agreed to allow me to reprint her best rules rants and musings from the two newsletters she pens.

Pickleball rules Know the limit

Rule Review: What’s the Limit?

Everything has a limit, right? Well maybe.....but knowing the speed limit will certainly help you stay out of trouble. What about pickleball limits? Here ...
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picture of 3 jugs pickleballs

Rule Review: The Great Ball Controversy

Why do we have so many different balls at the pickleball courts? Ball preference is always a hot topic! Last summer, I was listening ...
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Foot Faults

Rule Review: Foot Faults

We are very aware of the kitchen line and watch for feet crossing it while volleying. We should be paying the same attention to ...
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Rule Review: A Swing and Miss

A Swing and a Miss is ok, sometimes. Did you ever have a really bad day at pickleball play? Your timing seems off and ...
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Let Serve

Pickleball Rule Review: Let Serve

A let serve means let’s do that again! If your serve touches the net yet somehow continues to make it across the net, beyond the ...
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