Pickleball Rule Review: Let Serve

Last Updated on February 11, 2019 by Cathy Jo Johnson

Let ServeA let serve means let’s do that again! If your serve touches the net yet somehow continues to make it across the net, beyond the kitchen line, and into the correct portion of the opponent’s court, it is not a good serve, nor is it a fault against you. You get to do it again.

This may seem like a basic rule but I am constantly surprised to find that people think that if it touches the net it is always a let serve.

How many let serves can you have in one round? Two? Four? Answer: As many as it takes to get it right before faulting.

Curious about serving etiquette?

Bev writes a weekly email blast for our pickleball club. She delivers the rules with clarity and a sense of humor. If you have a rules question post it in the comments below.






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