7 Day Pickleball Fitness Challenge 

Here's how the challenge works:

  • Each workout will be 30 minutes total and includes a warm-up and cool down.
  • As long as your physician is ok with you playing pickleball, you needn't worry about your fitness level, modifications will be provided.
  • If you've participated in past challenges the format will be similar but the routines will be different.

Get Ready For The Challenge

Prep Day 1

Watch this video to learn how the challenge is structured and what to expect.

Prep Day 2

You don't need any special equipment, but if you're looking for ways to enhance your workout try these common household items. 

Prep Day 3

Here are step by step directions to help you set up an interval timer. Start by downloading the FREE version of Gymboss to your phone. Apple Link or Android Link


Each workout starts with a warm-up. Here are some suggestions.


Day 1

1 Min Split Step Double-Tap

1 Min Arms

Forward and Lateral Raise-30 sec

Triceps Extension-30 sec

1 Min Lateral Lunge

1 Min Core

Kneeling Chops-30 sec each side

1 Min Balance

Cross Body Punch-30 sec each leg

1 Min Rest

Repeat 3x

5 Min Cool Down

Day 2

1 Min Side Shuffle with Dink

1 Min Arms-Light Weights W 1-6lbs  M-5-10lbs

    • Shoulder Press-30 seconds
    • Bent Over Row -30 seconds

1 Min Clam Shell

1 Min Side Crunch-30 sec each side

1 Min Three Count March with Hold

1 Min Rest

Repeat 3x

5 Min Cool Down

Day 3

5 Warm-Up-Do Not Stretch Cold Muscles

Hold each stretch for a total of one minute.

Neck Stretch

Diagonal Neck Stretch


    • Rotate
    • Fist Down
    • Open Hand Up

Rotational Chest Stretch

Superman Arm Circle

Hip Flexor Stretch

Inner Thigh

90/90 with a Reach

Figure 4 Hip Stretch

Calf Stretch

Day 4

5 Min Warm Up

1 min Figure 8

1 Min Pickleball Squeeze

1 Min Glute Bridge

1 Min Bird Dog-30 sec each side

1 Min-Low Windmill-30 seconds each foot

1 min Rest

Repeat 3x

5 Min Cool Down

Day 5

5 Minute Warm-Up

1 Min Slalom drill

1 Min Arms

Women 1-8 lbs 5-10 lbs

YPress-30 sec

High Row-30 sec

1 Min Farmers walk

W or M 5-20 lbs

1 Min Superhuman

1 Min Skaters with a hold

1 Min Rest

Repeat 3x

Cool Down

Day 6

5 Minute Warm Up

  • Always warm up before you stretch
  • Hold each stretch for a minute total.
  • You may feel discomfort but should never feel pain while stretching.

Neck with Hand

Clenched Fists and Open Hand Forearm Stretch

Rotator Cuff Stretch-Scarecrow and at the ribs

Kneeling Shoulder Stretch

Kneeling Reach

Finger Tip Childs Pose

Body Rolls

Kneeling Leg Circle



Ankle CARS

Kneeling Calf Massage

Day 7

5 Minute Warm Up

18 Minute Workout

1 Min Fast Feet with a Split Step Jump

1 Min Arms

M or W 1-6 lbs

Wrist Flexion-30 sec

Wrist Extension-30 sec

1 Min Pulse Squats

1 Min Thigh Elbow Hold

1 Min Rotational Wall Touch-30 sec each side

1 Minute Rest

Repeat 3x

Daily Cool-Down Stretch

After your workout, use static stretching to encourage muscle recovery. Spend at least 5 minutes stretching. Here are some suggestions.

Pickleball Tips

Good dink shots require a player to bend from their knees and hips. Take out your phone and shoot a video. Do you dink using your legs or are you bending from the waist? If you need help check out this post.

One of the consequences of not watching the ball all the way to the paddle is an off-center shot. Are you watching the ball or is your focus elsewhere? This is one of my favorite drills to focus my eyes on the ball.

An efficient split-step is necessary for changing directions on the pickleball court. It's one of the reasons we've used a split-step in several of the challenge footwork drills. If your not sure when to split step or you could use a little extra practice, this video will help, The Elusive Pickleball Split Step-What, When and Why

Nothing in pickleball is quite as confusing as the kitchen. What can or can't you do? Even if you're an experienced player here's your chance to educate a newbie. Pickleball Myths