Can You Lose Weight without Counting Calories? YES!

A picture of a calculator to stop counting caloriesWould you like to lose weight without counting calories? Yes, it can be done. Here are five things you can do to make that dream a reality and it all centers around clean eating.

If you want to stop counting calories, start eating clean! First, we need to look at the definition of clean eating. Many people don’t exactly know what clean eating is or think it’s extremely complicated.  Essentially, clean eating is selecting whole foods over processed foods. Think apples, not applesauce, think cucumbers, not pickles. Anytime we process food, we change the food and potentially change its nutritional value. Because of the “rush”  society today, we’re looking for quick options, and we process food, we add fat calories, we add lots of nasty additives, and those things can keep us from achieving our true health and fitness goals.

If you’ve ever been on a diet, you know that for most people they just don’t work. We need to make a change in lifestyle, and clean eating is a change that you can make. These steps to clean eating can help you to stop counting calories and start with a lifestyle plan.

Be Mindful of the Food You Choose

That means that when you’re cooking a meal or eating out, you need to avoid the package, the box, or whatever is prepackaged. That’s the stuff that we want to keep out of our diet. Grab for whole foods first, so think about what’s in front of you. As an example, bananas instead of banana chips.

Pay Attention to Portion Size

Sometimes we get so caught up in calories that we forget to consider portion size. One thing that can be helpful is keeping a journal, not counting the calories, but just writing down what you are eating and the portion size. You need to know what a quarter cup looks like compared to a half a cup. In the beginning, you will need to measure it, but over a period you’re going to learn how to eyeball it.

You can even use an app on your phone if you like. “My Fitness Pal” is still one of the more popular. Remember, don’t pay a lot of attention to the calorie counts. That’s not what should get your attention. The focus is on portion size and also how much protein and macronutrients you are consuming. Again, choose clean sources. Are you getting a grass-fed variety or are you just picking up whatever is available to you at the local market? Grass-fed varieties tend to have fewer hormones, antibiotics, and all the nasty things that the amyloids eventually get into your system. 

It’s Not Just About the Taste

How do you look at food? It is possible that the food in front of you has little nutritional value for you at all? It’s one thing to enjoy the taste. But, the second and third bites may very well not taste as good.  In making your choices, whole foods provide better options for you. You’re going to function better; you’re going to think better, you’re going to feel better. Those are the choices that you want to try to make. It’s very challenging at the onset, but change how you think and you can make it a habit. 

Food as Fuel

When you put gas in your car, you’re fueling your car and food is that fuel for your body. That’s going to allow you to do something super important and that’s focusing on not counting the calories. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in calories that we forget where that food came from.

You may spend your time counting calories, but that does not mean that the food is nutritious. It is possible to eat a lot of carbohydrates and refined sugars as they are not necessarily high in calories. Focus less on the calories and more on the choices. Move away from processed food. Ask yourself, “What’s a way to make that minimally processed?”

Love Your Fat

I don’t mean the fat on your body, love the fat in your diet. The sugar industry convinced us that fat was the culprit and that’s the reason why we are overweight and obese. That’s not true, sugar is making us fat. We need fat, healthy fats inside of our body. The things that you want to look for are natural, not processed fats, like olive oils. Look at the ingredients. It should show just olive oil and no other additives to it. Another healthy fat would be organic butter. Our system needs those because it helps us to metabolize the food that we’re eating and it turns that into energy, and it gives us all around a great healthy diet.

Don’t be afraid of fat as long as you follow rule number two, which was to use a journal. Control portion size and always eat things in moderation.

 If you want to stop counting calories and maintain your weight easily, make more whole food choices, eat things in moderation, and stop counting calories. No more focusing on calories! You’re now going to focus on eating less processed food. 

In the comments below tell me, how have you successfully eliminated some of the processed food from your diet?

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