8 Easy Holiday Health Tips

holiday health tipsWould you like to avoid holiday weight gain?

For many of us holidays are a time to get together with friends and family. Unfortunately, if you are anything like me, your schedule can get so  overwhelming the first and easiest thing to eliminate is time to yourself and workouts fall into that category. Last week we focused on healthy holiday eating tips. This week’s holiday health tips are designed to add activity to your day.

Sometimes skipping a workout is intentional and other times we get to the end of the week or day and we simply ran out of time. Look around any gym or health club, December is a ghost town! Add in the extra meals and temping goodies and it’s easy to put on a couple of pounds before January begins.

While best option is to maintain your regular workout schedule (Check out this post on How to Stick to Your Weekly Workout Routine) that might not always be reality this time of year. If getting to the gym just isn’t in the cards how about looking for ways to add extra steps or activity to your day?

These 8 Easy Holiday Health Tips can help you make it to January without tighter pants!

1  Take a Hike

or a walk. A 30 minute brisk walk can burn 90-200 calories.

2.  Take the Stairs

How many times have you seen this picture? Stairs empty and escalator full! My iPhone alert sounds once an hour and that’s my Que to go up and down the stairs in my house 10 times.

3. Where do you Park?

Use common sense and put your safety first but park away from the door.

4.  Go Dancing

You could burn more than 200 calories in a hour. Just look at the slim down that happens to most of the celebs on Dancing with the Stars. When is the last time you met friends to cut a rug? Half the fun of life is dancing like no one is watching, here’s your chance.

5.  Walking Meeting

One of the many amazing things about having your own business is I no longer suffer from Death by Meeting. Unfortunately you may not have that choice. If it’s a small group suggest a walking meeting. I bet the other participants will thank you!

6.  Treadmill Desk

This could be the perfect Christmas gift for the person who spends too much time sitting and has the space. They are still a little pricey but when you consider that sitting at a desk has been compared to smoking it is well worth it. Have someone in your life who is handy? A friends husband bought a used treadmill and put together a great desk for just a few hundred dollars.

7.  Get off at the Wrong Stop

Leave the bus one stop before or after the correct stop to add in some extra steps to your destination

8.  Meet friends over something active

Instead of coffee or dinner how about a evening ice skating, sledding or snow shoeing? Live in a warmer climate? Walk on the beach or take your dog for a walk? Don’t have a dog? Volunteer with your friends at a local shelter. What a great way to give back and do something for your waistline!

Don’t let your Holidays become more stressful!

Cutting back on exercise increases our chance of gaining weight and reduces one of our best stress busting tools. Your Holiday Health Tips could be summed up in two words, KEEP MOVING.

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What are your favorite ways to stay active during the holidays? Comment down below.

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