How to Buy and Get Results from a Fitness Tracker

Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss

Is a fitness tracker on your Christmas List? If you want to have a healthier 2018 a fitness tracker can be just the help you need. How do you pick the right one for you? More importantly, how do you use it to get real results?

  1. Where are you on your fitness journey
  2. Three types of trackers
  3. How to use it to get fit

Check out these highlights:

>>PICKING THE BEST TRACKER FOR YOU-Using your current fitness journey how to determine what type of fitness tracker suits your needs. Time 2:39

>>3 TYPES OF TRACKERS- Now that you know a little more about trackers, choose one that will enhance your training.  Time 5:39

>>USING THE TRACKER TO GET RESULTS-Trackers are a tool designed to monitor behavior. It takes the effort to change our behavior. Here are tips and strategies to utilize the tracker to help you get more fit. Time 13:26


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