4 Holiday Eating Tips You Need to Know-Episode 4

Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss

  • The holidays can be an overeating time bomb! Added social engagements, (not all of them pleasant), eating out more often, relying on fast food, everyone seems to bake,! There are countless ways to sabotage our weight management this time of year. Arm yourself with some tips and tricks to overcome even the toughest
  • Working out lowers our blood pressure and increases our feel-good endorphins. A great way to not end up feeling like GRINCH!
  • This is #2 in a special 4 part Holiday Survival Series. Click this link if you missed Part 1-Stay in Shape During Holiday Travels
  • You don’t want to miss the FREEBIE, Hijack Holiday Weight Gain. This is the ultimate tool to help you maintain your weight and fitness during the holidays. As a bonus, it includes a holiday workout, you can do anywhere, anytime with NO Equipment needed.

Check out these highlights

>>ADJUST YOUR GOALS-Most of us spend more time on a shopping list than on our goals. Take a few minutes and write down whats important to you this holiday season. Time 3:24

>>EATING OUT-Spending time with friends and family is fun but creates healthy eating challenges. This section is full of tips to help you navigate. Time 8:16

>>THE OFFICE BOOBY-TRAP-The holidays can turn even the healthiest workplace into a cesspool of fattening treats. Use these strategies to avoid the temptation lurking across the desk.  Time 23:50

>>EMOTIONAL EATING-Anyone ever feel stress during the holidays? LOL! Anyone turn to food when stressed. A little forethought will help you deal with the seasonal stresses you find most difficult. Time 27:27


This 40 page Ebook is the ultimate tool to help you Hijack Holiday Weight Gain.

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