Eat Less Sugar with these 10 Easy Sugar Hacks

Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss

Sugar is the reason we are an obese nation! 50 years ago the sugar industry quietly paid scientists to blame fat for weight gain.  Hopefully, the jig is up, and we finally realize the catastrophic health effects from sugar. Obesity is just one. Joint inflammation is a significant concern for people over 50, and too much sugar is a cause.

Here are ten simple substitutions you can make to eliminate added sugar from your diet.  (I apologize for the poor video/audio synchronization in the video.)

What’s on the label 1:45
Yogurt TIME 3:12
Granola Bars Used to Be Healthy TIME 4:02
Skip the Condiments and Do this Instead TIME 5:23
The Land Mine in Your Frig TIME 6:09
Sports Drinks TIME 7:15
An All-Time Favorite Peanut Butter TIME 8:29
What’s Peanut Butter without a Little Jam TIME: 9:10
Nut Milk, Even the Ones that Claim to be Unsweetened TIME 9:35

As we age, we need to restrict our calorie intake, or we will gain weight. Learning to eliminate sugar from our daily diets, will allow us to enjoy the foods we love without putting on those unwanted pounds.


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