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Get Fit, Play Better Pickleball, Age Well

Become the pickleball player that everyone wants to play with.

Life is too short to watch from the sidelines!

Now that you’ve found pickleball you’re feeling young again, excited to go out and play. Perhaps you’ve signed up for a tournament, maybe you’re starting to feel like an athlete but you have some concerns.

Your body is different: a couple pounds heavier, not as quick and nimble, more prone to injury and a few more aches and pains. 

You know that taking control of your fitness and nutrition is the best way to manage the aging process. That may be why you started playing pickleball in the first place.

You also know, as much as you love it, it’s not just about the pickleball. The choices you make today will determine how you live tomorrow, active, independent, and vibrant or decrepit and failing.

About Me

There are a lot of pickleball coaches who want to help you play better but most of them don’t understand what it's like to be over 50. 

In order to reach your true potential on and off the courts, you need a multi-faceted approach, one that addresses not just your pickleball skills but your total health and wellness.

Even if you are pleased with where you are today, taking control of your nutrition and fitness is a clear-cut avenue to regulating the aging process and creating the independent, active future you desire and deserve. Yes, you can play pickleball into your 90’s!